Fund raising drive – A roof for the homeless

The campaign is based on a proposal of City Management. On the one hand, it aims to offer an alternative to a direct street donation to the homeless and beggars for visitors willing to donate. On the other hand, it aims to create a foundation for helping the people concerned not only to be supplied on site but also to lead them out of their social difficulties through advice and care. Homeless people and beggars, who physically or through other handicaps, are unable to recognise the offers of help must be guided by social workers to the governmental and non-governmental help system of “Die Freien” and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

In recent years, the proceeds from this campaign were invested in the so-called “StützPunkt”. The StützPunkt is a place of refuge and contact for the homeless in a central location of the city centre (Klosterwall).

The possibility of storing luggage in lockers has increased the mobility of the homeless and enables them to take advantage of residence opportunities outside of the city.

Thanks to the professional statement by the Caritas Association staff, many homeless people were integrated into the aid services of the city.
You can find a list of the companies that support “A roof for the homeless” and have set up the collection here

Company Zip Code
Betten Remstedt 20354 Poststr. 29
BREE 20354 Große Bleichen 36
Bucks SportsbarRestaurants 20095 Kurze Mühren 13
Centro Apotheke 20095 Spitalerstr. 7
City Apotheke 20095 Mönckebergstr. 3
Daniel Wischer GmbH & Co. KG 20095 Steinstr. 15 a
Elsner Schuh 20095 Mönckebergstr. 11
Galeria Kaufhof 20095 Mönckebergstr. 3
Jack Wolfskin Store 20095 Mönckebergstr. 31
Jacobi Apotheke 20095 Jacobikirchhof
Karstadt AG 20095 Mönckebergstr. 16
Ladage & Oelke GmbH 20354 Neuer Wall 11
Lego GmbH 20095 Spitalerstr. 12
Lush 20095 Spitaler 7-9
Optik Weser 20095 Spitalerstr. 9
Parkhaus Apcoa 20354 Große Bleichen 35
Reformhaus Engelhardt 20354 PostStrasse 3
Schuhhaus Görtz 20354 Jungfernstieg 26-30
Schuhhaus Görtz 20095 Spitalerstr. 11
Thalia Buchhandlung 20354 Große Bleichen 19
Thalia Buchhandlung 20095 Spitalerstr. 8
Vattenfall 20095 Glockengießerwall
Wiesernhavern 20095 Mönckebergstr.11