Round Table St. Jacobi

The Round Table was initiated in 1999. It is recognised as a conversation and discussion forum for social issues in the city centre of Hamburg. All matters relating to the coexistence and interaction in the city, the social problems in particular, and the charitable needs in this area can be discussed. The churches, Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the merchant class, social initiatives, politics, administration, and City Management are involved. In its role as a discussion and opinion-forming body, the Round Table works closely with City Management and represents an effective form of communication for the social topics of the city.

Executive Committee of the Round Table

The management, the preparation of the meetings of the Round Table in particular, as well as the questions relating to the management of revenues falls to the Executive Committee, which is composed of the main pastor, Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, City Mission, Caritas Association, as well as City Management.

Social Initiatives City

SIC merges the social services, which are active in the city, for the mutual exchange of ideas and the agreement on the operational activities and is in close contact with the Round Table. Together with the chaplain of the city and City Management, the social initiatives vote on common policies and projects, as well as those based on the division of labour, once per month to ensure an efficient use of resources and to exclude double quotes as well as an oversupply.