Sunday Shopping 2020

5th January 2020 - Illuminated city center/ sports & health

5th April 2020 - Jazzmusic in the city center / inclusion & integration

27th September 2020 - Filmfest Hamburg / children, youth and family

8th November 2020 - art & culture

Four Sundays a year, shops in Hamburg invite to a special shopping experience from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. City Management designs an attractive social programme and takes over the public relations for all four Sunday shopping dates. These shopping Sundays are good opportunities to explore the city in a relaxed atmosphere. “Shopping, art, and culture - that is our formula for success”, says City Manager Brigitte Engler. “For once, couples and families with their children have sufficient time to make major purchases together on such a day.”

At the events, City Management put together thematic occasions, which are of interest and represent an attractive target for the city, its residents, and its visitors all at the same time. Thus, City Management also implements the corresponding legal basis of the Hamburg shop opening law.

5th  April 2020 - Jazzmusic in the city


The second shopping sunday takes place on the 5th April 2020. From 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. the shops in Hamburg's city centre and HafenCity will be open. Shopping sundays offer an additional opportunity to go shopping with the family.
Under the motto "Jazzmusic in the city", different musical acts are offered throughout Hamburg's city centre.  


5th January 2020 - Illuminated city center / sports & health


On January 5th, the first shopping sunday of the year takes place from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m in downtown Hamburg,  Whether large or small wallets, whether chic classics or highly fashionable accessories, whether culinary delights or the equipment for the ski slopes - Hamburg city center offers you a special selection.


Under the motto "illuminated city", light installations in the arcade district of the city shine in particular splendor. In addition, the City Management invites you to a child-friendly, atmospheric firework display at the Inner Alster at 5:30 p.m.


Sunday Shopping 2019

3rd November 2019 - Art & Culture in the City

The program of the fourth shopping Sunday in downtown Hamburg and the HafenCity focuses on an art and 
culturalal related program for the whole family. On November third you can stroll around, shop first
christmas presents and enjoy the city center at it's best.
In the Levantehaus visitors can experience the art installation "Bücherregen" by Marcel Klöpner. 
For the benefit of the social project Rathauspassage, a bookstall with antique books is also set up
in the middle rotunda of the passage. In the Mellinpassage next to the street Neuer Wall, visitors can go on
a journey into the past and marvel at historical pictures of the famous street Neuer Wall as well as get a free
silhouette cut. In the Kaufmannshaus visitors can have a look at contemporary woodcarving pieces
by the artist Peer Oliver Nau. Meanwhile visitors are also invited to watch flamenco accompanied by
queer flute and piano sounds. In the Galleria Passage. As part of an Artnight, visitors to the Hanseviertel
can paint different pictures and then take them home. If you want, you can marvel at the OPEN ART exhibition "Below Surface - Life in the Ocean" by
Tobias Friedrich at the Überseeboulevard in HafenCity.

29th September 2019 - Filmfest Hamburg


The program of the third shopping Sunday in downtown Hamburg and the HafenCity focuses on film music 
and promotions around the FILMFEST Hamburg. On September 29th you can stroll and
shop to your heart's content from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm and rummage through the new autumn collections and

Curtain up for a cinematic shopping experience!


2nd June 2019 - Active City / take hurdles together


Active City - take hurdles together" is the motto of the Shopping Sunday on the 2nd of June in Hamburg's city center and HafenCity. On this sunday you can not only stroll around the city and shop between 13.00 and 18.00 o'clock, but also experience a variety of events. 


At the Gänsemarkt, a temporary beach volleyball pitch will be set up as a preview of the Beach Volleyball World Championship, which will take place in Hamburg at the end of June 2019. Sportsmanship, fun in exercise and beach feeling - all in the city center, on the newly revamped Gänsemarkt.


In the Europa Passage, a 8,6 meter high climbing tower invites to prove the climbing abilities.


In the Spitalerstraße and in the Mönckebergstraße all young guests can jump on a trapeze trampoline (in front of the Mönckebrunnen) and a bouncy castle (between Saturn and Galeria Kaufhof) - all free of charge. 


For everyone who wants to work out the Überseeboulevard is the place to be. At 2.00 pm there will be offered an urban outdoor workout. Meeting point is at PRIME TIME fitness in the HafenCity 


In the Nikolaiquartier visitors can try out Crossboccia. True to the motto "taking hurdles together", it is important to playfully overcome obstacles.


An outstanding music experience is promised by the open-air organ concerts at St. Jacobi Kirchhof. Between 2 pm and 5 pm, visitors can listen to the sounds of a mobile Schnitger concert organ.


Shopping becomes a special event this Sunday. Through the inclusive and integrative power of musical and sporting actions, people in the city center are brought together.

07. April 2019 (sports & health)


 The program of the first Shopping Sunday in Hamburg's city center takes place under the motto "City in Motion". From 13.00 to 18.00 pm shops will be open and visitors can find different sport and health related attractions in the whole city center and the Hafen City.

In the Spitalerstraße there will be an exhibition of trend and cargo bicycles, information on bicycle safety and a bicycle simulator. If you come by bike to the city, you can check it for free and make minor repairs.

Even in the city passages, everything revolves around the topic of sports and health. In the PERLE Hamburg there will be information on healthy nutrition, sport and fitness, in cooperation with Eve&Adam. In the Alsterhaus, visitors have the opportunity to try a "putt challenge". Anyone who wants to swing a leg has the opportunity to dance swing in the Hanse Viertel and at the Bürgermeister-Petersen-Platz.

Sunday shopping 2018

4. November 2018 (Art & Culture)


"Art & Culture",  ist header of the program of the 4th Shopping-Sunday in the center of Hamburg and the HafenCity. From 1 pm to 6 pm, visitors can not only buy winter fashion, there will be a multitude of artistic and cultural facilities and cultural highlights.

"MADE ON VEDDEL" animates the showcase of Karstadt in the Mönckebergstraße with an artistic achievement.

The well-known brass band "MEN in BLECH" offers an impressive performance in Spitalerstraße.

23. September 2018 (Filmfest Vorspann)


The program of the third shopping Sunday in downtown Hamburg and the HafenCity takes place under the motto "Film music and actions around FILMFEST" and is perfect for a family outing. On September 23rd, you can stroll and shop from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, rummage through the new autumn collections and get in the mood for FILMFEST Hamburg, which takes place from 27th September to 6th October 2018. Numerous film-related activities make the visit to the city an experience for the whole family.

From the 21st to the 23rd of September, the traditional Rock Spectacle, takes place on Hamburg's Rathausmarkt. In the afternoon of the Sunday visitors can look forward to see Lucas Uecker and Kate Louisa, and in the evening to Boppin`B and Henning Wehland.

In the Europa Passage, a temporary cinema backdrop will be set up. With cinema seats, a screen and a popcorn machine, 9 short films by Filmschule Hamburg will be presented and awarded.

Show acts from the musical FAME are presented in the Hanse-Viertel, and a large trapeze trampoline complex also invites small visitors to hop for free on Spitalerstrasse. Numerous musical performances in the entire inner city area and in the HafenCity complete the program.

03. June 2018 (Acticve City)


"Active City - overcome hurdles together" is the motto of the second Shopping Sunday which takes place on the 3rd of June. Visitors can not only stroll through the city center and shop between 1 pm and 6 pm, but also participate in sports, culture and inclusion activities.

Even before the actual opening of the shops, starting at 11.00 am, there is a special obstacle course through the city  - the Urbanian Run. Through passages, over squares and streets of the old town and around the St. Petri church,  runners can discover the city center at distances from 4 to 8 kilometers. Runners with disabilities can also take part in the  run. In the afternoon, a special after-run program takes place on the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz.

At the Gänsemarkt we will focus on bikes. In addition to the exhibition of e-bikes and cargo bikes and the opportunity to test them on a small track, a free bike check and a coding service is offered at special rates.

Five artists based in Hamburg and Marseille will be relocating their studios to the Jungfernstieg from 2nd to 5th June. "Integrative Power of Art" is the motto for the 3rd  of June.

In the Hanse-Viertel visitors can visit a mobile dementia show-room and receive advices from the Diakonie Foundation.

25. March 2018 (City in Motion)


The theme of the first Shopping Sunday of the year 2018 is "City in Motion" - sports and health.
From 1 pm to 6 pm, visitors can take part in sport activities, get advices on health issues, stroll through the city center and go shopping.

Sunday shopping 2017

5. November 2017 (Kunst & Kultur)


Der vierte Shoppingsonntag des Jahres steht ganz unter dem Motto "Kunst & Kultur". Eine Vielzahl an künstlerischen und kulturellen Höhepunkten wartet auf die Besucher. Von 13.00 bis 18.00 Uhr können die Innenstadtbesucher nach Herzenslust Wintermode shoppen, Kunstinstallationen bestaunen und durch die Innenstadt schlendern.

"MADE AUF VEDDEL“ belebt mit einer kunstvoll integrativen Performance das Schaufenster von Karstadt in der Mönckebergstraße. Models präsentieren hier stilvoll handgefertigte Haute Couture.

Kunstreich geht es auch im Levantehaus zu. Hier werden im Rahmen der Ausstellung „Stadtwesen“ mehrere Werke des Hamburger Künstlers Tobias Zaft gezeigt. Neben einer vier Meter hohen Installation namens „Zone XL“, die direkt vor dem Levantehaus empor ragt, gibt es weitere eindrucksvolle Arbeiten des Künstlers im Levantehaus zu entdecken.

Der „Antique-Markt“ unter den Colonnaden lädt die Besucher ein, zwischen feinsten Möbel und Accessoires zu stöbern und das kulturelle Flair zu genießen.

Zahlreiche Musik-Acts an unterschiedlichen Standorten in der Innenstadt runden das stimmungsvolle Programm ab.

1. Oktober 2017 (FILMFEST Vorspann)


The motto of the third shopping sunday of the year will be "FILMFEST Vorspann". Numerous cultural events under the motto "film" will announce this year's FILFMEST Hamburg. In addition to numerous musical performances, historical vehicles from well-known film classics can be admired at different locations in the inner city area.

Parallel to the event "FILMFESt Vorspann" the third shopping sunday of the year will take place. From 1 to 6 pm, the visitors can buy the first autmn fashion, listen to the film music and stroll around.

2. April 2017 (Jazz.City)


As diverse and colorful as the current fashion, so will be the latest event of the City Management Hamburg. Under the slogan "Jazz.City" and in cooperation with the Jazz Büro Hamburg and the Jazz Federation, a large number of Hamburg jazz artists will invite you to a concert in the city center of Hamburg, presenting the whole variety of jazz at unusual and atmospherically strong venues.

Parallel, the second sunday sale day of 2017 will take place. From 1 to 6 pm, visitors can enjoy the spring break, get inspired by jazz sounds and go shopping.

29. Januar 2017 (Winterklänge)


The first Sunday shopping in the inner city of Hamburg takes place on the 3rd of January 2016. The Mönckeberg- or Spitalerstraße, the Jungfernstieg or the Collonaden, the ABC-Quarter or the Überseequartier, the department stores or one of those many city- passages invite you to ample and shop ad libitum from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm. A musical highlight is going to happen in the Hanse Viertel from 1.00 pm. Die Hamburg Symphony are going to present a MusikImPuls-concert. A record of the concert is going to be projected at the outer wall of the Hanse Viertel from 4.00 pm.